Relationship Recovery: Yours/ Theirs.

I am that teacher.

I am that teacher.


Welcome:   By way of introduction, first and foremost, I am a teacher. If you are exploring my website, I am the teacher you seek.

I want to teach you to understand how and why panic attacks, phobias, sadness, random anger and compulsive feelings, to name a few, show up!  Then I will guide you into thinking about events in a new way, so you get back your life. 

Together we can restore the relationship you have with yourself or with someone else. 

I also work with McKenzie. She and I are a Therapy Dog Team. She is a listener, has confidential

McKenzie, Therapy Dog.

McKenzie, Therapy Dog.

clearance, never repeats what she hears and knows a dog when she meets one.

If you have been affected by yours or someone else’s behavior that includes:

  • excessive rage, spending, working,
  • abusing pills, alcohol, drugs
  • being threatened, controlled, cheated on?        

                                                     It May Leave You-                                                          




                                                       Phobic ( agoraphobia, claustrophobia)


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