By Way Of Introduction

Sheila Dunnells, Ph.D, Internationally Credentialed Counselor, IC&RC

                        “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

 I am that teacher!

How Will My Credentials Help you? First and foremost, I am a Licensed Teacher. I will teach you what I know.  I am Credentialed in loss and can help you with bereavement. Credentialed in anger management and help you deal with yours or someone else’s anger. And, have more than 20 years experience helping people with their relationships.
Have you ever asked yourself any of these types of questions:
Why am I angry?
Why is he/she angry and taking it out on me?
Why did he/she leave?
I’m experiencing the feelings of loss.
 Why do I keep losing friends?
Why can’t we ever talk anymore?
I seem to be doing the “heavy lifting” in this relationship. How did that happen?
Sound familiar? There are solutions! Let me help.
  Remember: You Matter!