Solutions specialist: short term, problem solutions: Education, employment, relationships, anger management, bereavement, co-dependency

I am that teacher.

I am that teacher.


One Problem At A Time!

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” 

Welcome:  By way of introduction, first and foremost, I am a teacher. If you are exploring my website, I am the teacher you seek.

I want to teach you to understand how to problem solve. Regardless of the issue,  I will guide you into re- thinking about events in your life, in a new way, so you can get back to your life. 

Together we can resolve the question with which you are struggling.  

I also work with McKenzie. She and I are a Therapy Dog Team. She is a listener, has confidential clearance, never repeats what she hears, and knows a dog when she meets one. This is very helpful with dating issues!

McKenzie, Therapy Dog.

McKenzie, Therapy Dog.







Seeking “Solutions” can leave you feeling:

  •  angry,
  •  compulsive,
  •  fearful, 
  •  frustrated
  •  lost,
  •  or, choosing self-destructive behavior!                        




For Dating and Relationship insight, please visit my articles section: “The First Three Months of a Relationship Don’t Count.” Find out why.  



    3 Ideas to keep Christmas Expectations manageable:  It is not about your past; losses; disappointments. For this day, it is about 3 things: 

    • You get a day off/ half a day off?
    • You get a good meal.
    • And, if you are very lucky, you will get a surprise gift from someone.

    Many of us have had the difficult Christmas. Realign expectations or do something for those less fortunate. And, Christmas is one day out of the year. Twenty-four hours! It is not a prediction for the rest of your life.