Jak si opatrit hodnť dŪte, Czech, 1965

Relationship Recovery: Yours/ Theirs.

Sheila-new-picture-3-160x160.jpgcopy-Sheila-new-picture-3-160x160.jpgWelcome:¬† By way of introduction, first and foremost, I am a teacher. If you are experiencing panic attacks, phobias, sadness, anger, compulsive behavior, I want to teach you how to¬†understand how and why these feelings showed up, ¬†change your thinking about events, and help you¬†get back to your life.¬†In addition to being a teacher, my expertise is in the co-occurring disorders that accompany yours or someone else’s addiction problems. Together we can restore the relationship you have with yourself or with someone else. I have added a service for those suffering from Grief and Loss– we grieve many things in life, not just the loss of a love: jobs, pets, loved one’s, friendships, youth, status, self-esteem. The list is endless. Sheila and McKenzie I also work with McKenzie. She and I are a Therapy Dog Team. She is a listener; has confidential clearance not to repeat anything she hears; ¬†and¬†she certainly knows a dog if you are dealing with one! If you are struggling¬†with issues: yours or theirs?¬†man two faced

  • ¬†excessive rage, spending, working,
  • ¬†abusing pills, alcohol, drugs
  • ¬†0r being threatened, controlled, cheated on?


         comedy and tragedy        It May Leave You-                                                           Angry                                                                   Compulsive                                                                          Lost                                                                             Panicked                                                                                 Phobic ( agoraphobia, claustrophobia or social)                                                                                                                             Sad!                                                                                                     Ok. How do you deal with it? NEW ARTICLE:


Lesson One:¬† Cognitive (Thinking) Distortions: BLACK AND WHITE THINKING (all-or-nothing thinking) Your friend Carol says: “If I can’t get Jason¬†to ask me to marry him, I will never date again.” Ever had similar feelings? How did you challenge it? What would you say to your friend? a. You are right Carol, in this whole world,¬† Jason¬†is the only man you should marry. b. Only you deserve to be Jason’s wife, because you are both so special. c. There are over 7. 175 Billion people in the world. No chance you would ever meet anyone else, among them, to marry?

Lesson Two:  Catastrophizing: (or magical thinking) You believe you can magically predict the future without considering any other possibilities.

Sidarthur says, “I can’t go into the¬†elevator.¬†If it gets stuck, I won’t be able to breathe, I will be stuck there forever, and I will never see my baby again.”

Ever had similar feelings? How did you challenge it? What would you say to your friend?

a. You are right. Stay out of the elevator. Anything can happen.

b. Elevators are in air shafts; you can’t run out of air.

c. The Fire Department will rescue you. Do you know anyone in this country who is still living in an elevator because¬†the FD didn’t come for them?

D. The building that owns the elevator wants it back. They will make sure you get out.

The right answer: (a), (b), (c,) (d,) (a and b), (b,c,d)



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